Hydronics in-floor heating


Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating systems produce warmth by running hot water or an antifreeze/water mix between 65°F and 160°F circulated in a pex tubing under your floors, driveways or to your radiators. This heating system is much more efficient than forced air and offers independent zone by zone temperature control. Hydronic heating can be used for many home heating needs, outdoor spaces, backyard patios as well as driveways or walkway snow melting. Watch the snow melt away and no more shoveling!

Hydronic Heating heats water at its source through a very energy efficient gas boiler. Maintenance for a hydronic system is minimal, the boiler will need an annual check-up, but most modern pumps are low maintenance using water to lubricate the parts. The boiler or water heater will heat the water to the required temperature, a manifold will then distribute the hot water into O² Barrier PEX tubing that is embedded in the floor by a re-circulating water pump.

O² Barrier PEX tubing is a polyethylene tubing that is leak-free, non-toxic, flexible, and capable of handling high temperatures. With this system you can have multiple manifolds and zones controlled by the floor sensing thermostat, allowing to heat each area independent from the other spaces.

At VR Plumbing Inc. we work with highest quality equipment as well as work alongside highly professional and experienced distributors, together we will deliver a guaranteed working system that exceeds industry standards.

Hydronic Radiant Heating system has many benefits:

  1. Healthy Home: Provides a clean and allergen free home or space where forced air system circulates dust and allergens within your home whereas Hydronic heating does not!
  2. Warm & Comfortable: No more hot or cold zones as heat is distributed evenly. No more cold feet!
  3. Zone Control Temperature: Have the option to control the temperature in each zone.
  4. Snowmelt: No more shovelling! No need to worry when a snowstorm or snow fall is coming, watch the snow melt away on heated driveways and outdoor areas.
  5. Humidity: Does not dry out the home or space!
  6. Cost effective: Efficient system that saves money in the long term as water stays warmer longer than traditional forced air and there is no escaped heat. As well as the cost savings of not having the monthly and yearly maintenance of filters and duct cleaning.
  7. Versatility: Use existing radiators.
  8. Noise: incredibly quiet unlike traditional forced air furnace and ducts.
  9. No Maintenance: Requires no maintenance other than one annual check up if required.
forced air vs radiant heating

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