Quality of Water:

Often water that comes into your home or property often contains a variety of contaminants which then can alter the odour, taste and smell. In certain circumstances contaminants can cause potential long term health issues and contribute to skin allergies.

Hard water is one of the most common water problems in Bradford, Simcoe County and surrounding areas. The higher the number of grains the harder your water is, this in turn produces more scale and deposits in your water heater, on shower heads, tubs, scaling in kettle, around faucets etc, therefore causing inefficiency.

Water softening treatment systems improve the effectiveness of your purification systems and removes lime scale buildup.

Water softener benefits:

  • Easily clean showers and sinks.
  • Produces more soap lathers with less soap.
  • Use less detergent in washes as well as prolongs lifespan of water-using appliances (ie) dishwashers & washing machines.
  • Reduces allergies that may be associated from hard water such as dry itchy scalp.

For more information contact VR Plumbing Inc, we will provide a free analysis of your water quality and provide and assist in finding the right water treatment system available for your particular household, property or personal needs. We can provide and install many water treatment solutions that include:

  • Whole home filtration
  • Purification
  • Reverse osmosis and more!
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VR Plumbing Inc will provide a free analysis of your water quality.

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